Special Corvairs

In my "Corvair" years I have seen some special Corvairs. From special editions, rare models to homebuilt Corvair engine driven "Corvairs'. All these special Corvairs I have seen on my Corvair journeys and luckily I could make some pictures of them.

1969 Yenko Stinger former Goodyear test car

This special Yenko Stinger Corvair is designed for Goodyear to test road tires at high-speed. Under contract to Ford, of all companies, The Goodyear Tire & Rubber Company needed a high-speed testing platform for 13-inch tires, a vehicle that Ford simply didn't have, but Yenko did. Goodyear purchased the Corvair and put about 2000 test miles on it. Bob found the car and restored it to the original Goodyear test Corvair. I've seen this car at the 2013 Corvair Convention - Trackday at GingerMan, and even got a ride in it with Bob behind the wheel at the track of Gingerman!

BT/DR car

The BT/DR car had a great history in road racing back in the days. Warren LeVeque got the opportunity to restore and modify it for today’s road race rules. The car can be seen at the moment (2019) in the Corvair museum (Chevrolet Hall of Fame Museum). The LeVeque family has a lot of experience with Corvair racing, modifying, building and restoring them. I have seen this car in 2014 at the LeVeques and could take a closer look and take some pictures.


The velociraptor was built for the rules of the SCCA autocross. A tube frame Corvair powered little car. Weight to the minimum, power to the max with the 3L Corvair engine. You can't get a more Corvair powered modified car.  Very special little race car.

When I visited the LeVeques in 2014 I was able to see the Velociraptor as well. Took some photos and Michael told me about the modification and history.

Corvair YS45

In 2014 I spotted the YS45 when I visited Michael & Tracy LeVeque, it was on jack stands for a rebuild, but at the convention in Knoxville 2015 the YS45 was on the road. Nice Yenko Stinger street sports car.

Sunoco Race Corvair

One of the best-looking race Corvairs is the race Corvair of Rick Norris. Built up from the ground. Mainly done by himself. The details of this race Corvair are phenomenal and almost too nice to put it out on the circuit. Luckily Rick does race with it at different race event across the USA. Rick brought the Sunoco race Corvair to the Corvair Convention in Kalamazoo where I could see it with my own eyes. He raced the car at GingerMan at track day. I even got a chance to sit in it!


Once upon a time Wes and the HACOA had a talk about how a wagon would look like in the Late years. Wes was pretty sure it would look like this, and he decided to make a Latewood. Together with some help from the HACOA group he made this awesome looking 140 powered Late model wagon. Great craftsmanship to figure out and build something like this from "scratch"
I have seen this Latewood at Wes’ house in 2014 when I visited Scott in Kansas City. Wes showed me the building process of the Latewood and the finished Latewood at his shop.

 Chevrolet YSR160

Michael brought his YSR160 to the Corvair Convention in Kalamazoo. A full performance Yenko Stinger race Corvair. Fully prepared and modified for the races. Michael does race his Corvairs in a couple of competitions, and is very successful.
For the Convention he mounted a passenger seat so people could enjoy the fun speed and race quality of Michael. I was able to take a ride in this YSR160 at the autocross.

 Cord 8/10

Very happy I have seen this Cord 8/10 in the Netherlands. The second time I have seen one. It's build between 1964 and 1970. This Cord is powered by a Corvair 140HP engine with a manual gearbox.
The "8/10" designation represented the actual scale of the car, the1936 Cord 810 Phaeton.

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