The Central New York Corvair Club 44th annual Corvair Recall

In 2018 we visited a small Corvair show in Syracuse, New York. This event fitted perfect in our roundtrip in the north east of the USA. After some emails we decided to meet the CNYCC on their Corvair Recall from Friday till Sunday morning.


The Recall is a small version of the Corsa Convention. They have some of the same activities but on a smaller scale. The Corvairs came from the states in the area, and a couple even from Canada.

It was smaller but well organised with a lot of nice activities and friendly Corvair people. They even arranged a Corvair for us to drive along. Friday evening we visited a local car show and did the valve cover races. On Saturday concours, lunch, autocross and banquet. Sunday was the farewell day with a breakfast. We had a great time with the Corvair activities and a lot of talking with the Corvair people.

Thank you, Central New York Corvair Club, for this great weekend.

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