CORSA International Convention in Knoxville TN

Knoxville, Tennessee was my second Corsa International Convention. I attended this year with my family. They were pretty curious about the convention. A lot of people that I knew were at the convention. We got a very special and warm feeling by all the attention we got, because we were travelling all the way from Europe.

The host hotel was great, even though we didn't stay there. We had a RV and stayed at a RV-park nearby. We drove every day to the convention and had a great parking spot on the trailer area across the road. In this area we got to talk with Jim & Janet. Jim owns a 1964 Spyder in superior condition. After the talk we went our own way but after a while we met Jim again in the lobby of the host hotel, he had a question for me. The question was if I wanted to be his navigator for the rally. That was a surprise and I said if Lotte could join the rally as well, I would love to be his navigator. After some doubt if 4 people would fit in the Spyder, he figured out that Lotte never drove in a Corvair, so it was no problem and with the 4 of us we started the rally. I had some experience from the previous convention in Kalamazoo. It was a great drive that took us to the Smokey Mountains area. Driving the curvy roads. We had a great time!

Beside my friends that I had already seen for a couple of years, George was there as well. He flew in from Maine to see us and attend the convention. We had some great talking and fun time!

The convention overall was compact, most of the activities were at the host hotel area. The autocross was close by in a park. Always nice to see some Corvairs driving a cone lay-out racetrack.

The banquet was the end of our convention, nicely set up. we had a great table with our friends. Jim had a nice present for Lotte, a certificate that she had her first ride in Jim's 1964 Spyder, a great surprise! At home we framed it to keep it in good shape.
After the awards and food, we said goodbye to everybody, as we needed to continue our road trip the next day.

Thank you, Knoxville Area Corvair Club, for this awesome event!


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