South Bend Region SCCA Regionals GingerMan Raceway

2014 was different from 2013. I visited a lot of people that I met at the 2013 convention in Kalamazoo.  I went to one of Michael Le Veque's races with Michael and Tracy. It was the same track as the track day at the Convention last year, GingerMan Raceway.

It was a half day drive to Gingerman. Fully loaded with the Monzter and all the tools, spare parts we took with us. On Friday it was track day, so everybody could drive on the circuit to test. We didn't use that day, but Steve and Ryan were there with their Corvairs to have fun and test the race Corvairs.

On Saturday it was practice time and qualifying time. We had some little problems with the Monzster. Electrical issues and some overflowing oil issues. but that is what practice is for. We solved the problems and had some great runs after that.

On Sunday it was race day, we were all ready and so were the other drivers. Too bad one of them spun out and hit Michael in the front quarter panel. We needed to retire for the rest of the race. Luckily we could fix the body work and no major damage was underneath it. We needed the time but we were ready to head out again on the next race. The races after that went great! We won in our  race class so a awesome drive from Michael!

Michael and Tracy, thank you for letting me join your team at the GingerMan Race! Great experience and a great combination of fun, technical parts, ups and downs that race weekend!

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