Corvair Visits

Besides all the events and special Corvairs I have visited some Corvair related business and met some of the greatest people in the world. The Corvair family as I call it is awesome! There are some great Corvair "private" places.

I hope I can continue to visit places like this in the years to come !

Visiting John & Teresa, Des Moines Iowa

Special thanks to my "USA parents" John & Teresa who invited me for the first time to go to the Corvair Convention. Above, you can see their Corvair collection back in 2013 and yes, we drove them all that day! Also, in 2014 we spent time together and drove some wonderful Corvairs through the area of Des Moines, Iowa. In 2015 we have seen each other at the Corvair Convention in Knoxville, only a couple of days. Hopefully we will meet again soon!

Shades’s Classic Cars, Hastings, Nebraska

In 2013 I made a road trip from Des Moines to Rapid City, South Dakota. On my way back, I got a message with a name and address that Shades Classic cars is a great place to check out, and that Christopher is a Corvair guy too. I made the decision to visit Shade's and with a little detour I was in Hastings, Nebraska. Christopher was not there unfortunately, he was already driving to the Corvair Convention in Kalamazoo (where I was going to as well). Danielle was there to run the place, and we had a great chat. She called Christopher to tell why I was there and I got a full tour of their showroom and storage. Shade's is a car dealer with a special department for Corvairs. There are always Corvairs in stock. From restored Corvairs to special Corvairs, and parts.

I had a great time walking around and taking pictures. I met Christopher later that week in Kalamazoo. If you are in the area of Hastings Nebraska, go check it out! They moved to a new location, with even a bigger showroom full of Corvairs.

LeVair Performance & Restoration, Anderson Indiana

(moved to new location)

LeVair performance and restauration is a place with history. The LeVeque family already raced Corvairs when the Corvair was a brand-new car in the showroom. Always looking to go faster, and always pays the price for a good result or some technical issues. Back to the workshop and find a better solution. After Warren drove the Corvairs in top class racing it now is his son Michael that keeps the Corvair history alive. Beside racing Corvairs in different events he also has a nice performance and restauration shop in Anderson Indiana. Since October 2018 they moved to Fayetteville, Tennessee.


I have stayed at their place back in 2014 and had a view in their Corvair life. They restore and maintain some of the finest Corvair and off course I have seen some Yenko Corvairs as well. Also, I joined them when they went for a race at Gingerman Raceway. In Michael’s shop there are always some special Corvairs to work on. It was an awesome time and I have seen some very special Corvairs in a small area.

Thank you for having me and I hope I can visit your new shop as well.

Mid-Continent Corvair Association Wichita, Kansas

When I was in Kansas City I made a side trip with Scott to the MCCA in Wichita,Kansas. We drove about 3,5 hours to visit Terry Kalp. his shop and the members of the MCCA. We had a shop tour and there were some special Corvair powered vehicles in the house. An Ultra Van, T-bucket, 7-10 Cord, The Shark and even a Devin C. After the shop tour we had a burger at their local burger place before we needed to head back to Kansas City.


Thank you Terry for your hospitality, I had a great day with the MCCA in Wichita!

Clark's Corvair Parts, Shelburne Falls, Massachusetts

We visited Clark's in 2018 when we had a road trip in the North East of the USA. After the Corvair Recall we drove to Shelburne Falls to have a shop tour at Clark’s. We got a warm welcome and a one hour shop tour. They explained how the orders come in and how they process the orders. We were able to see the machine shop and the upholstery department as well. Amazing how many Corvair parts they have. It was great to see the company behind all the parts I use for my restauration.

Team Clark's thank you for showing us around in the Corvair Parts world of Clark's.

AMC-Rambler & Corvair Museum - Berlikum

In 2011 I visit the AMC - Rambler & Corvair museum in the North of the Netherlands. The collection exist of 55 Rambler AMC cars and 7 Corvairs. Beside those there is a variously of cars, from Cadillac's, BMW, Renault and even a Lamborghini. It was nice that we could visit this private museum with the Corvair Club Netherlands!
Sorry for the "bad" pictures.

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