Corvair Basement

The Corvair Basement is about my 1961 Chevrolet Corvair Lakewood. The name Corvair Basement originates from the fact that i always lived above my Corvair Lakewood. I lived in different locations, but one thing these locations had in common:


I always needed to go down stairs to work on my Lakewood.

In the  end of 2009 i bought my Corvair. After some search and without the intention to buy a Corvair, i came acros a 1961 Corvair Lakewood (a Corvair wagon type) in the Netherlands. After a couple of days i was the owner and from there it all started.

After driving the Covair Lakewood for about a year there were some technical and bodywork issues. I took the decision to do a full restauration of this special and beautifull "grocery getter". I'm working on it for a couple of years now. Most of the time just by myself, but also with help from my friends. Stripping down went fast, building up from the ground takes a little bit longer. Step by step it is starting to become a Lakewood again. See the section1961 Lakewood for the progress. There are always Corvair activities in and around the Corvair  Basement. Check out the Conventions and events i visit(ed), or the special Corvairs i had to see. Visits to other clubs, Corvair businesses and other Corvair related items. I'm also a member and editor of the Corvair Club Nederland and a member of the Corsa.


Well, go down stairs and take a look at the Corvair Basement

Ralf Verhees

Welcome by the Corvair Basement

The place where you live above your Corvair

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